Have you ever heard of high intensity interval training? It's a relatively new form of exercise that has taken the population by storm. Is a very popular form of exercising that allows you to burn more fat and calories while doing less time in the gym. You do however have to work much much harder.

High intensity interval training is a type of training that is based on short intervals of extremely intense activity, followed by short intervals of rest. You do these intervals over and over back to back and you are able to rev up your metabolism so much that it burns a lot of weight. It's a great exercise but is not for everybody.

If you're not healthy enough to do high-intensity training, you should not do it. If you're unsure you definitely want to speak to a doctor before you start any new exercise program. You can do high-intensity training on any type of machine or with any type of cardiovascular workout. The trick is to keep your intervals short and extremely intense followed by intervals of rest. So if you're on the treadmill, what you want to do is go all out for a few seconds and then follow that with a few seconds of rest. The intervals can be anywhere from 10 seconds, 20 seconds to even more for each rest and exercise period.

Do not get us wrong, we're not saying that this exercise is easy. It's actually very difficult to do. You have to be in great shape to do it, so if you're just starting to work out again this may not be the approach for you. If you have been working out for a while and are looking for a way to rev up the results that you're getting, high intensity interval training is probably a good choice. But as always speak to a medical professional before you actually do any new exercise. You don't want to hurt yourself or injure yourself when you're trying to become healthier. It defeats the purpose.

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